It has been a year today since SpaceCaptain has been released to the Google Play Store. Now it is time for some major content updates...

This update brings so many new features and a lot of new content. SpaceCaptain has been completely overhauled and partly reprogrammed to work a lot smoother and more performant now. The most important features of literally SpaceCaptain 2.0 are:

New Input System

The feedback to the previous versions has been clear. The inut system had to be overhauled. Now the spaceship is controlled through touch positions. This results in a much more native feeling when flying through endless space. From now on, the player shall feel at home on their phone's screens. As part of this change the shooting button has been removed and shooting will happen automatically. Therefore the player can now use both hands for precisely controlling the position of the ship.

New Content

Threre is a lot of new content to expand the launch experience. The game now has over three times the amount of enemy actors that can show up at random. These have been categorised into three different enemy factions: fighter, bomber and tank. Fighters are very fast and agile but get shot down very easily. Bombers are slow so their power lies in the heavy artillery they are equipped with. Tanks on the other hand are extremely slow but have heavy protective shields.

Visual Enhancements and a richer Atmosphere

Many new sounds, music and special effects create a whole new atmosphere for this game. There are now over 30 sounds and music snippets that are combined and remixed in realtime to create a whole new auditory world. This is complemented by many subtle but also many obvious visual improvements in the gameplay, menu and more.

More Performance Than Ever

Even though these new enemies almost double the amount of different entities that are on screen at one time the game performance is better than it has ever been before. Loading times have been decreased as well to stop you of getting out of the flow or at all bored.

Many more Features

There are hundrets of small changes and bug fixes that will almost not be noticable on their own but create a gaming experience that is even more enjoying to play than before.

Frequent Updates for Open Beta Players

You can be part of the first who witness where the journey is headed next. Test new features and content before anyone else as a member of the open beta. Open beta members can actively help development for this game with their more than valuable feedback. Sign up now...

Release date: 17.06.2018
Version: 2.0.000

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