You might have wondered if you can join alpha or beta tests for LowPolyCube games. Yes, you can! And it is super easy.

What are alpha or beta tests?

That really is a good question to start with. Whenever developers create a game they make mistakes, they create features that are too resource heavy, don't work on a few devices or are way to complicated. That is why developers came up with the glorious idea of testing games before publishing them. Most of the time the tests are grouped into public and closed tests. The meaning of public and closed should be self explanatory but I am going to explain it anyways. Public tests can be joined by anyone closed tests can't. (Wow, that was a tough one...)

That still doesn't explain alpha and beta...

That is true. And before you ask, the Greeks only provide the letters but are not involved otherwise. Alpha is the Greek letter for the A and beta is the Greek letter for B. Alpha tests come before Beta tests. Usually, the alpha tests are only participated in by developers and people working on the software while beta tests are joined by people from outside the developers environments.

Are you doing it the same way?

No. I don't have the resources and time to develop AND test the games without making both full time jobs. I heavily rely on people like you. After I developed a game to a state of my happiness – a few features might still be missing – I might let a few trustworthy people (I had them tested) test the software. While they are stress-testing the application I can fully develop the game based on the feedback they give me. Then it's time for the public beta phase. Everyone is allowed to test the software before it is finally released. But all of this might not always apply to all applications.

Do I get something in return?

Sadly, no. You might get a special reward for participating but usually the testers do NOT receive any kind of compensation. But feel free to check back at the email adress, maybe I've got something for you...


Now is your chance to be a part of something great. You can apply for being an alpha tester below. If you'd rather not test incomplete and possibly unstable software, that's okay. You can still test the games while they are in a beta phase. The process is different for every game. You can get all infos you need from the store page of the game of your choice.