This document covers the Privacy Policy regarding software that is published by LowPolyCube. If you are looking for the Privacy Policy for the website, please take a look at the Privacy Statement.

This document is to ensure that you understand in which way your data is collected and how it is handled. This document also covers how you can control your data. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact LowPolyCube online or at

Everyone wants to have a minimum of her or his personal data sitting on a server on the other side of the world. That is why I try to give you the greatest control possible. If you have any suggestions how this goal could be reached in a better way, please contact me as well.

1. Personal and Anonymous Data

1.1 Personal data is any data that could identify you or be linked to your person. This might include
1) Name and given name; or
2) E-mail adress; or
3) credit card or any other billing information; or
4) adress and phone number.
1.2 Anonymous data is any data that can not identify you or be linked to your person. This might include
1) devicy type; or
2) software version; or
3) usage data; or
4) other telemetry data.
1.3 Anonymous data is not linked to your personal data.
1.4 LowPolyCube will not sell, publish or share such information unless required by law and will handle this information in compliance with the German data privacy laws.
1.5 Some games may collect anonymous data. However, you will always have to opt-in to the collection of this data. Unless you change the option "Telemetry" which will be turned off by default to on your anonymous data will not be collected. If no such option exists no data will be collected or handled by LowPolyCube.

2. Third Party Programs

2.1 Some games are using the game services provided by Goolge Inc. ("Google"). It is not nescessary to log-in to these game services to use our games. Google will request data that identifies you, which will only be sent if you agreed to the use of the Google Play Games Services. All data will be handled by Google.
2.2 The use of the Google Play Games Services is associated with your Google+ account.
2.3 Some games may contain implementations of Unity Analytics provided by Unity Technologies ("Unity"). Any information will be collected anonymously according to Point 1 "Personal Information".

3. Changes

3.1 LowPolyCube reserves the right to change these agreements at any time without giving reasons, even if those changes are not reasonable for the user, to complement present and future updates.
3.2 Because the structure of our sowftware can change with every update or with every new piece of software, the content of this Privacy Policy might change frequently. It is part of the users responsibility to ensure that she/he still agrees to these conditions for every newly published version or piece of software.

4. Severability

If a clause of this Privacy Policy is or becomes invalid, illegal or not enforceable in any jurisdiction, it shall not affect:
1) the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement; or
2) the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Agreement.
This paragraph is based on § 306 of the BGB of German Law.

5. Choice of Law

These Terms an condition are based on German Law. German Law will apply to the contractual relationship between user and LPC. Exception is the mandatory consumer protection regulations of the country, the user is regulary sojourned.